TDD is for Dreamers, not for Real-World Developers, Isn’t It?

Yesterday, I gave a talk about TDD and the TDD-Discussions on Entwicklertag Frankfurt. TDD has caused many discussions, both heated and thoughtful, over the last 15-20 years since thet term was coined. This makes it a versatile topic for a talk, but also poses the challenge of giving justice to all the different aspects and opinions. I enjoy diving into a matter, to figure out how something evolved, why it works for some, but not for others, and to understand the Why behind people’s opinions. I’m an academic, remember?

I’m very happy to have had an audience that showed much interest in the topic and passion about delivering high-quality software. My deepest thanks to all who have been there.

To keep the discussion going, I’m planning to pour the different parts of my talk into posts, over the next weeks. I will link the individual posts below. To start off, here’s my slides:

And here’s the accompanying posts:

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