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The Programmer Peculiarity

Most people cannot construct a building or write a book, yet, it seems like everybody can program. Isn’t that peculiar?

I Teach, So I Learn

“If you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your own path.” ~Buddhist Proverb

Inadvertent Prudent Technical Debt

I recently stumbled upon a great talk by Martin Flower about Technical Debt.1 In the talk, he first classifies technical debt according to whether you are aw...

Being Bad With Names

I’m bad with names. Sometimes, when somebody tells me his name, I catch myself having forgotten about it literally in the next sentence. I’ve tried some tech...

To Agile or To(o) Lean

Research is agile. Not only in its software development, but in its entirety. Simply because one rarely knows where it’s going next. Research is, by its very...